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Apr 18, 2006
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Just wanted to share this with any mobile techs wanting a good fold down table, I looked at many tables but just starting up my business I didn't have loads of money! the tables that i looked at were really expensive for what they were, my husband had a great idea about trying the camping shop... anyway I went down only to find a table exactly the right size width and so easy to fold away for £25! I use it everyday and it's so light weight and looks good too!!
Lisa : ) oh and this has different heights so it's fab for pedicures too..
which camp shop was that please ,tried Carters but no joy there?
I got it at camping international ltd in Horsham, there website is you can buy online and there number is 01403255458.
when you get on the website go to furniture and it's the multi purpose table, light grey at £24.95 with 8 different heights.
Lisa x
wow that looks fab, perfect size, very lightweight and loads of diff heights, well done your hubby for the idea xxxxx
Does the criss cross stand underneath not get in the way of your legs,im after one with the legs straight down the sides (or am i being too fussy)?
I haven't had any probs with it :)
Does the criss cross stand underneath not get in the way of your legs,im after one with the legs straight down the sides (or am i being too fussy)?

I agree, I find the criss cross legs get in the way. I like a table that you can sit under. I got mine from Therapy 2000 and it came with a bag which is perfect as im mobile. I also got it cheaper cause i bought one which was seconds.
Hi Lisa
I just wanted to thank you for the information about the folding table. I have been looking for a light, not too big, easy to carry table and the one you described is just right for me! It arrived today and it is so light and just the right size. I'm getting all my stuff together to go mobile once I have finished my nail courses, but I shall be using the table to do manicure services when I go round to family and friends. The TV table was just not quite right for me. Once again thanks! I'd also like to say a big thank you to all you geeks out there who are helping me to learn so much about the nail business. Your generousity in sharing all your expertise is invaluable to a newbie like me! Bye the way I'm totally addicted to this site, and have to have my daily fix every day.
i use one of those tables u eat your tea off in front on the tv it is quite small so its really easy to carry i know they do make larger ones but i absolutly love it it was only about £7.99!! bargin. i hate it when cleints dont have a table or when you have to bend over a kiddies table or a teeny tiny coffee table!! my back was killing thank god for my little tv dinners table x x
Just looked at the website and they are sold out on that should be on commission!!!!!! :lol:
I just looked as well and saw they were sold out!!! Obviously a lot of people have used your idea as well! Well done for a great spot (and your husband's!!!)

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