Mobile therapist doing laser hair removal?


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Jul 13, 2009
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Hi fellow geeks,
I can't find this any where so apologies if I have missed it some where!
I was wondering whether anyone can shed any light on this for me, as I always understood it being mobile meant that you couldn't really carry out this treatment due to certain regulations, I wondered whether as the conditions of the health care commission has changed that guide lines regarding mobile lazer therapists have too?
Hi hun, maybe move this to skin geek xx
Here I'm my area you pay a fee for doing this treatment to the council not sure of it would cover for being
Mobile, also insurance you would have to ask them. And you would have to think about getting a laser that you could transport and to make sure that moving it about a lot wouldn't damage it, if that makes sense. I don't do laser, do sorry because I properly having helped you.
Since de-regulation the rules are different across England. I'm in Wales and mobile and spent alot of time researching the local regulations and speaking with the HIW (Welsh equivalent of QCC) not the mention the local council, laser advisor etc

pm me if you want to chat further
slightly different but may be of some help

I knew a tattoo remover person (not sure what they are called) but he went mobile he visited a different tattoo studio everyday
Hi there

You do have to be careful that each location has the correct health and safety in the rooms e.g. no mirrors in the room, fire extinguisher, adequate blinds etc.

It wouldn't be the easiest transporting a machine and all the other things you need to each location.

I don't think it would be recommended and wouldn't be the easiest for you either.


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