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Jan 10, 2012
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United Kingdom
I'm currently thinking of going mobile and was wondering what the best waxing system everyone was using. I was thinking a roller would be less messy. Just wondering if bikini area is possible with roller. I have only used roller on legs?
I'm mobile and started off with a roller system, but found it pretty useless for bikini and facial hair. I'm now using Adam&Eve Hot and Strip Wax and have two seperate wax pots that I carry on a bag and have upright and tightly packed. So far no spills and can wax anything that's requested;-)
I use the clean n easy roller system and have no trouble doing bikini waxing with it at all ....x
I use roller wax too. I have no problem waxing biking lines with it. For facial waxing I remove the roller head and use a small spatula to dip into the wax cartridge.
That's a good idea. . .

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