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Apr 6, 2003
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I have a home based salon and am slowly building up my clientele. My client base is okay but I'm getting married next year and need to find a way to pay for it all so I need more clients :rolleyes: :rolleyes: . I have only ever dropped leaflets about my village but I am thinking of advertising further a field and offering mobile nails.

Could you mobile techs tell me how you find it? My only concern with it is being safe, how do you handle going into a strangers home for the first time? Although I'm home based and inviting people in my house, when a client comes for the first time I make sure my boyfriend or father-in-law are about in case I need them (but its never a problem)

Thanks you guys! :)
Hi Tracysnails

Thought Id give a few ideas that I am unable to put into practice at the moment. :) I have a friend who makes wedding cakes, she obviously see a lot of brides to be etc, hence she wants to give out my cards for brides nails - easy at least one new client, if not bridesmaids and the mums too! ;-) Try asking your local cake making service to keep your cards, or even the Vicar, Lol. :silly: ok maybe thats going too far. The local photo shop is also a good one too! I keep having to turn away new opportunities recently, :( my daughters school were having a PTA eve and wanted a stall for nails! Im not in a position to make my little eve hobby much bigger, I have 11 clients and I dont have many eves with my little horrors, er I mean angels.

Anyway hope these ideas help. Good luck

Julie XX
I've been mobile for around 6 months. I always have a 10-15 min consultation with new clients over the telephone before I see them and during this time I can ascertain whether the client is genuine or if she has ulterior motives! I would not take a booking from a male client. If a husband/boyfriend wanted to book me to give their wife/girlfriend a manicure as a surprise I would have to insist that I spoke to her first, and would give the excuse that I need to have a verbal consultation before I can ascertain the type of service she may need.

I always ensure my husband has a record of the address I’m going to along with the client’s telephone number. I also give him an estimated time I will be finished. This is imperative to me as I work evenings and can be at a client’s home until 9/10pm. A mobile phone is a must!

I don’t have a problem as far as dealing with new clients as they are in their own home and are comfortable, and if all else fails you both have the love of nails in common to discuss! I find it easy to talk to people anyway, and after a while can judge if my client wants to chat, or whether she just wants to relax and enjoy the pampering.

As far as advertising goes, I have my flyers around all the local shops, doctors, dentists, even laundrettes! I have shifted the slogan on them away from “mobile Nail Technician” to an emphasis on “let me bring the salon to your home”, and it really has made a difference. Maybe people don’t register what you mean by being ‘mobile’.

Sorry, I’ve whittled on a bit – told you I find conversation easy!

If i go to a house and think it looks a bit dodge i phone my husband, tell him where i am and ask him to phone me in 5 mins and then again 15 mins after that. Another thing you can do if you live in the UK is go to and register as a user, then you can look up addresses in the UK and it will tell you the names of the people who are registered as living there so if the names don't match up it gives you something to think about!

Lou. :D
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