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Jul 12, 2013
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Hi folks, so we've had a rep in the salon and he keeps going on about this new brand of Colour out by "Mood" I haven't heard about it myself but he's named a few of our Local salons which are now stocking it (don't know if he should tell us that lol) but I've seen the shade charts and the colours look nice (as they always do on a chart)
I'm just wondering if anyone has used this brand before and what their thoughts are? Thanks :) !

Sean Collins Hairdressing Glasgow
Hi is it by elgon? My salon use both normal elgon and elgon mood. I'm much more of a fan of the original range as the mood one had pretty much been brought out because it's more cost effective. It's been condensed so I find there isn't much of a variety of colours where as the normal elgon colour range is fantastic and a wide selection of colours!
I'm not sure of the brands name but I think it's just called MOOD. I've been on the website and stuff aswell, it might be though I'm not sure they gave us a tube and it's grey and it's 100ml 1:1 mix ratio .. :/

Sean Collins Hairdressing Glasgow

Sean Collins Hairdressing Glasgow
Did u go with mood after? I had a few tubes to try I found the red 7.55 I think it was called was definatley more copper than red, the 5cho faded after a few washes too, have u tried it now?
I have tried it and didn't rate it at all to be honest :( ! I think you do pay for what you get, I'm just going to stick to Loreal Wella Mask & Matrix :)

Sean Collins Hairdressing Glasgow

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