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Oct 14, 2006
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hI all:)

I know that there has been quite a few threads recently about facial products but I just had to tell you all how lovely the moor spa range is!
I had some free samples sent to me and have done quite a few facials with them. My clients have all said how great their skin feels and looks since using them. Also during the facials the clients really commented on the lovely smell of each product! I am now using them myself on a daily basis and I am really happy with the results. I am going to completely change my range now and convert to moorspa, I am just working out prices etc and then I am going to place an order. The clients so far also seemed very interested in purchasing them for home use, so thats great!
thankyou Jo who supplied me with all the freebies to try!!:)
If any fellow geeks are thinking about trying a new range please give this a go xxxxx
Have just had another two clients for facials today, and both really impressed with the moorspa range guys :hug:
Defiently worth a go if you are thinking of investing in a range xx
I used the Moor Spa bath when my daughter had bad eczema it was brilliant, It's black in colour and she was a little hesitant to get in!! but it really cleared it up for her.
Didn't realise they did a facial range, which products would be good for oily skin with blocked pores?
Hi Cherubs

In answer to your question about which products would be good for oily skin with blocked pores, I would recommend the Stabilizing Cleanser, Stimulating Toner and the Mattifying Moisturiser. The Boosting Cleanser Mask would also work very well as a once weekly or fortnightly treatment.

I hope that helps.

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P.S. And we still do the black bath - the Hydrating Herbal Bath
Thankyou, might have to give them a go!

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