More than one brand?


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Do you use more than one and if so why? Lots of people I've seen seem to stick to one brand and one brand only. There are things I like from several brands so like to be able to mix it up.


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I really wanted to stick to one brand , (flirties) because it lasts so well on my clients but they don't have certain colours I really want so I'm going to have to run another brand along side it while I wait for flirties to release more colours. 2 different types of bottles will kill my OCD though


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2 for me, no one brand suits all clients. I've found what I believe are the best two for my range of clients

Alison Pilkington-Child

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I have three gel systems that sit well together. Bio Sculpture for it's repair and nourishment treatments, Wilde Pedique for toe nail repair and protection and now Ikon.iQ because it's uber hypoallergenic and just plain lovely! Add in IBX and you can probably spot a theme.

Acrylics at the moment are Naio, Glam and Glitz and CJP which reflect my trying out different brands and being a sucker for a yummy colour!

I like having more than one system, keeps me on my toes!


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I use 3 complete systems. I was going to phase the first one out as I find most colours need 3 coats which isn't very cost or time efficient for me but quite a few regulars love certain colours that I can't find similar enough in my other 2 ranges and then they reduced the price considerably so it's staying for now!

In an ideal world I'd choose one brand and it'd suit all my needs but I haven't found that yet.


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Acrylic - 1 system CJP.

Gel - The Gel Bottle & Ink London x


Cnd- Brisa enhancements and shellac
Ink London. As it's very hard wearing with there flubber base and top coats.