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May 20, 2009
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Hey Geeks i have a salon in dublin Ireland... wanted to get in the new o curlers does any one know where to buy them at trade price? also want to retail moroccan oil but cant find where to get it... any help is much appreciated....x :lol:
This may not be of use to you in Ireland, but we bought our 'O' heated roller system from Salon Concepts based in south west UK - it is amazing! They also supply the Morroccan oil. :hug:
hey, sorry i noticed this and have never heard of it. . . care to expand on what an o curler is? xx
Essential Salon Supplies sells both, I think they are based in Limerick or Athlone, if you google them you should get them. The Theo Curlers (Velcro Heated Rollers that heat in a pod in 5 sec) are good but expensive. The Moroccian Oil is brilliant, a few drops and it tames frizz and speeds up drying time, be careful to use small bits at a time as too much may make hair greasy! :)

Thanks sooo much for your help really appreciate it! :) i shall look into it!!!
Scotty the o rollers are a heated roller system that heats up in 4 seconds they dont cling or pull the hair and only take a few min to work in the hair. they have 5 diffrent size rollers but u get the look of a bouncy blowdry in minutes... x x
oooo sounds ACE, they a fortune? x
We have both these in the salon were i work they are amazing you pop the rollers in like a little bucket type think few seconds later tell you there done and they really do make the finish prefect,as for the moroccan oil love love love it 20 times a day all i hear is "where is the moroccan oil now" and way on to the point the post im not to sure but will try find out for you


Ps im in dublin too

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