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Jan 1, 2016
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Hello All!

I was wondering what your most popular nail treatment is? I've done a quick search and found threads, but they seem to be a bit outdated.

I'm going to retrain in nails (its been forever so feel i need to start from the beginning rather then a conversion course) Is gel more popular then acrylics now? Are extensions a thing of the past? Is it just gel polish now?
Thanks in advance :)

Jemma x
By far Gel Polish exploded on to the market in the last 2 years or so, undoubtedly that should be your starting point, but more and more newbie techs are investigating the extensions side again and we're seeing lots of posts asking for suggestions of further training. Gel polish is great for those its great for, but for those who just can't grow their nails, or just love extensions then there will always be a need for extension/enhancement training so you would be well advised to do at very least a refresher.

With regard to Gel or L&P - that is the eternal question and never goes away. Personally I dislike Gel and have been an L&P girl since day one (12 years ago) but there a plenty who swear by Gel. In an ideal world be trained in both, then it's about the right product for the client not the easy choice for you.

Good luck with the relaunch
Thanks for your reply!

I do eventually want to retrain in both, as like you say it's whats more suitable for the client!
Thanks for your advice :)

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