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Jul 27, 2004
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Larnaka Cyprus
:) Hi all,
I am moving to Cyprus in October (shouldve been there now but thats another story). Just wondering if anyone is from there or would like to chat about nail techs abroad. I am thinking of opening a salon am having friends and relatives do the donkey work finding out rents etc haha.
Would love to hear from others who have set up either salons or mobile abroad.
Pam xx
Hi Pam, i have just pm'd you x x

I can't help at all, but just wanted to say I'm so jealous! I got married in Paphos in Cyprus and fell in love with the place. You are so lucky being able to make your life out there! Good luck! xxx
I sorry I dont know any one thats gone abroad and opened a salon. But I wish you lots of happiness out their good luck.

Jenny :lol:
I'm sure if you sent a PM to Geeg she'd be more than happy to help you. I'm sure she would know how to set up abroad as she's in Spain.
Many thanks all of you for your answers and I will contact geeg, asap (getting time to keep in contact between clients as you all know!!) thanks for good wishes xxxxx
One of the ladies that I did my foundatation course has moved to cyprus, she is on oneof the Army bases.
my sisters boyfriend is posted in cyprus. im sure if you find out some infoo, she would love to know, shes a beautician/nailtec and will be gettin married soon to him, and will be moving out there. don't know why i didn't marry someone then move abroad, rather than to gillingham!

lucky is all i can say!
I recently stayed in a 5*hotel in Paphos - where a set of extensions cost £90!!! Maybe I'm undercharging?!
Just a thought, but would it be worthwhile seeing if you could get a job working in a hotel (guests were mostly english) to get a feel for the place bafore you go it alone???
laurawade said:
I recently stayed in a 5*hotel in Paphos - where a set of extensions cost £90!!! Maybe I'm undercharging?!
Just a thought, but would it be worthwhile seeing if you could get a job working in a hotel (guests were mostly english) to get a feel for the place bafore you go it alone???
Hi ya thats my thoughts too, think there are definately prospects in a hotel abroad im going to Cyprus on the 25th and cant wait to have a nosey round at their salons x x
Just thought I would say that I already LIVE in Cyprus!

Nail salons are few and far between here. The salons that are here are pretty badly educated and there isnt much training. Most techs and beauticians train in the UK.

Its quite cheap to rent houses and shops here although supermarkets are very expensive. Wages are very low and the standard of living can reflect that. Remember this is a little island so everything has to be imported.

Also remember that holidaying here is very different to living here full time. it is extremely hot here from July to August but once the winter kicks in its completely different to the UK winter. Its much longer that the UK with more extremes. Torrential rain and wind and freezing to boot!. Im really not joking!

Cypriots are famous for their hospitality but in reality they do not like the Brits. As a nation Im not particularly fond of them but I have met and worked with some lovely people who are very genuine.

Its also a whole different culture which does have its plus points for example family life is very important. Also the siesta time is great!

Just remember that although Cyprus is now part of the Eu its like stepping back in time by about 40 years at times! It can be interesting!

You are also a long way from home with flights being expensive and long. Its NOT like being on holiday as you have all the stresses and strains you have back at home but its bloody hot (today its 36c) and no immediate support from you family apart from telephone calls.

After all this you probably think I am just moaning on but I just wanted to get the point across that living abroad for all its fantastic parts (beaches, restaurants, lowish crime) also has lots of downs. Its taken me nearly 2 years to feel at home here. Im sure Geeg can relate to at least some of what I have said here.

Anyway sorry if I sounded pessimistic as the good parts are good and am 100% confident that the right person would do very well with a quality salon here. The room for expansion is also huge! Nails have only just started to take off so its very exciting. Also there is a Creative Nail Design distributor here although like everything else is expensive! You can expect to pay the same as the UK retail prices for wholesale.


Anyway I could go on about the bad but i
Hi All,

Well vanessa thanks for that really informative reply. I do agree with the cyps not being too friendly once they know you are moving permanantly out there, However I am lucky and have a good network of friends (mainly Cypriots) already but none in the industry so theyve all been trying to help but asking wrong things bless.
Well I shall probably try hotels to start whilst looking for a salon in the right place me thinks!!
Will let you all know how my endevours go! Thanks again for all your replys
p.s. a lot of you have asked why Nirvana Nails, Its not actually after the band, it is a Bhuddist thing(i am not Bhuddist my bro is) it means a state of perfection!! which is what i strive to get to but probably dont have enough lives!! It is also a bhuddist state its the ultimate place for them to get to. hope that makes sense, my web site is being done soon too so will keep in touch with you all. Pamxx
I am moving to Cyprus at the end of Jan, by that time I will be VTCT qualified, can anyone suggest any salons or offer any advice??

Just come back from RAF Akrotiri. Pm me for advice on setting up work if youre gonna be anywhere in the SBA. I also know some people in limmasol who maybe helpful to you if youre in the area.
I have just found a thread from nirvananails which was posted last year.

I moved to Samos Island, Greece back in June 2004 with my English husband to set up in the nail business with a view to getting my own salon.

I have and still am enjoying my new life here but do 100% agree with what VanessaB has said. The Greeks as well as the Cypriots although very friendly do make life a little hard when it comes to business matters. Not only have I found it difficult in trying to obtain supplies (I mainly stock up when I go back to the UK for a visit, cram it all into my suitcase) as I have found that Athens do not want to do business with you if you are not from Greece!

Its all very nice not having much crime (practically nil), nice weather, food, genuine friends etc, but I have also found that I still get the stresses that I had in the Uk and possibly more i.e being away from our English friends, family (family illness, deaths etc), trying to learn a new language, sorting out Greek tax issues etc etc, but having said that I would not go back to the UK.

I hope to set up a salon this year (have been working mobile since I've been here, either going to houses, my house).

Last summer I worked mobile at hotels which was very successful but this year I really do want my own salon and have been looking at possible shop locations, costings etc.

I hope that you have been successful and that life in Cyprus has lived up to your expectations.

I would love to hear how you have got on etc and for general chit chat - maybe we could help each other out with any problems and ideas for business in the Greek and Cypriot world?

All the best
Eva - Greek Nails

By the way, I'm English bred and born not Greek
I dont know if this will help but here's a website link to someone that might be able to help you, she is in greece and she might be able to help you out. Hope this helps

i am living in paphos and just opened a nail salon at christmas,
where are you moving too

[email protected]

send me an email and i will help u with whatever u want and if u coming this way please pop in !!!



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