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Apr 25, 2015
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United Kingdom
I've just qualified from my nail course and I'm wondering what the must have colours are? I seem to have a lot of blues, pinks, reds and a lot of glitters but I'm just wondering what are the most popular at the moment or all the time x
I think it will depend on your client base... So if you don't yet have regular clientele there will be an element of guesswork involved! I'm in a big retirement area and I find the popular ones are pillar box red, soft pearly fuchsia pink, burgundy, nude, mink and French. Sometimes lilac if they're feeling adventurous.

I've got all the blues/greens etc but they're not as popular as the classics for me.
My clientele is younger and my most popular colours are reds, black, blues, greys and nudes.
Dark purples and reds are always popular! A bright pink and a pale pink. A bright red. And definitely some nudes and a light or dark grey maybe? All the darks, reds and nudes are big this winter x
Definitely bright and deep reds and deep purples for me though it does change with the season. As you get regular clients you'll find out what they like and can build your colours to fit them.
Right now some of my most popular shellac colors are: reds: tartan punk, decadence, rogue red, nudes: powder my nose, field fox, City scape, asphalt, indigo frock.

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