My first set of pink and white acrylics (done on myself)


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Bluebelle Nails

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Mar 15, 2012
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Hi guys, could you give me your feedback on these please? My first set of pink n whites, using pink n white acrylic, which i've done on my left hand.
Cheers xx
They look lovely, great first attempt
Wow they are great. How did you get the smile line so crisp on your own hand? Are they white tips or did you use white powder? x
Hey thanks guys :)
I used white acrylic on the free edge...not really sure how i managed to get the smile line right,it's far from purfect but i was quite pleased with my first attempt :) i used NSI acrylic and my new EzFlow 508 brush, i tidied the smile line up a bit by doing it 'reverse'...u know when u poke it into place from the other side...i'm not very good with words,you'll have to excuse me! lol xx
I think they look lovely. Ive just done my first set with pink & white too and your smile line looks much better than mine lol.
Is there anything you would change?
I would make my smile lines even better!! lol! Gunna have a go at this on a friend this week. God i need more people to practise on! lol xx
For your first set of P&W, these are very good :)

If you want to get REAL polished, here is something to work on:
-Your free edges are a bit flared- look straight at the nail, and make a perfectly straight line from the cuticle to the free edge on the sidewall- if it's perfectly straight, it will "cut off" the outward edges on the left and the right side of the nail.
-A couple of nails show highlights at the cuticle line, particularly the middle finger- which means that you may have too much product in that area. Be sure the cuticle and sidewalls are flush to the nail, and that there is a definite curve in the dead center of the nail to create your apex.
Work on consistency in your mix ratio, and keep practicing! You are off to a good start :)

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