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Aug 23, 2007
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West sussex, UK

I just wanted to post and let everyone here (the understanding lot lol) that I woke up with a big smile on my face this morning. I LOVE my course :green:

After I did my NVQ level 2 (manicure and pedicure) I wasn't sure I wanted to do my NVQ Level 3 for the Nail Enhancements. I had never had them done and knew nothing about them. The final straw was when I started getting at least 3 calls a week asking if I did them even when I didnt advertise that I did. So I went back to college.

My first night - I HATED it :lol: Blasted tip blending agrh lol. But I pulled myself together stuck at it and practiced till I was like hmmm maybe I CAN do this! Then I started on gel ok first lesson little dodgy but fun got my kit and done 3 full sets at home each set I saw an improvement until I was forced to admit to myself actualy they are not that bad :smack: INFACT they are pretty good :o

So last night I started on my acrylic using OPI - Clarite now. When I first tried to pick up a bead I was like HUH ok damn lol :lol: but every time I picked one up I saw an improvement and I have to say the nails I did turned out pretty well. Unlike others instead of struggling with smiles I struggle with picking up enough product but I can see that will come.

But the most important thing I'M REALLY REALLY REALLY ENJOYING IT!!!

So that it just wanted to post my big:green: for the day!
Back to work lol


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Nov 5, 2003
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great to see your enthusiasm. stick with it, if other people can do nails, then so can you!
enjoy your course:green:

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