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Jul 29, 2003
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Surrey, UK
Does anyone want to have a look and tell me what they think also could all the mobile techs tell me what they think of my prices.

Hi Lisa :D I would love to take a look at your website but errrr, what is the address? Don't know if I'm being thick here but I can't seem to see any details for it.

:? Tamm
if you press the WWW button it should work!! (hopefully)
:huh: I don't think my computer is working properly! It didn't show me your website details before and now it won't go onto the website!!!

I'll have to try later me thinks. Unless anyone else can't get onto it......

:oops: :(

Thanks for the pm. Finally managed to get to your website!! :thumbsup:
Very nice. It must be great to have a website. Makes you feel really professional and I'm sure it will bring in more business for you.

All the best


works fine for me

very nice website and some beautiful pictures well done :D
Hi Lisa

Great site, lovely nails.

I noticed you have links to glitter distributors. Do you buy from them?

thanks all, no i havn't brought from n e of the links the people i designed the web page with put them on, as it is a free site.
Couldn't see it for some reason last night but have just had a really good look and it's really good!! Well done, the nails look beautiful! :D
it says bandwith has been max'ed or words to that effect....
what ever bandwith is!!!! im sure hubby will tell me he is a web designer/master........
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