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Mar 18, 2008
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Hi Just wanted some opinions on my pricing
I use NSI Balance gel, at the mo i charge £35 for french extension, £30 for clear extension, £25 no tips. Infils £20 Maintaince £20 removal £25 to include manicure. Any thoughts?:biggrin:
It's hugely dependant on your area hun x
Depends in area, experience, mobile/home/salon based.

Some places that's cheap others it would be expensive.
Roughly the same as mine :wink2:

But yes, it so depends on your area . Do a ring round and check out the opposition. Are you mobile/work from home/salon? This could have a bearing too. I work from home and simply don't have the overheads . . . so I charge a little less otherwise I think it just looks greedy (god I'm so nice) lol

Actually I'm about the same as other local salons for infills, which is basically what I do most of, the new sets don't happen nearly so often obv x
Thanks for the replys i have a home salon completely seperate from my main house. I've been a nail tech for about two years ( enhancement) and mani pedi qualified for three.

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