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Nails by Shelley

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Jan 30, 2003
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Here is a picture of the set up at my first salon job. I recently started working and love it. It's awesome to do something that you love as well, as having my very own room to do it in not just a small space. I was able to decorate anyway I chose. I went with a leopard theme, something classy and elegant, yet trendy too. I am very pleased with it, and have had lots of comments. Here is the link where you can check out the other pictures of my set up as well. Let me know what you think!
That looks cool!!!

I've already been expressing my desire of owning a salon to just about everyone i know!! i freaked them out by explaining I wanted a bright pink theme (im obsessed with pink!) and to have fluffy pink chairs in the waiting room and bright pink nail stations......

....however I dont think I would actually do that! lol! watching The Salon on ch4 at the mo, I would kill for a salon like that....maybe a pink theme though.... ;) ;) hheheheh

I have already got my staff sorted! lol! I've told my boyfriend that he can retire and sort out the financial side of the business and I'll just happily sit there...filing and painting away...he he he

It looks great Shelley!
I really want to see a close up of "the wall". So tell me, how do your clients choose their nail art? Do they take a board down and peruse it while you are working or do they pick it out ahead of time? My clients tend to spend the whole time I am doing their nails choosing nail art and polish.
Lets get some of that nail art zoomed in!
Christie, I let them look while they are getting their nails done. I have most of the art grouped together, such as florals, patriotic, holidays, fun stuff, etc..l. then they can look at that while I am working on them, if they want to look at it more close up then I will take down a board for them. I wanted to make it where it was movable for them to look at as well as for me to continue adding new designs to the boards. That is why they are not all full. I am categoriizing them, and am still in the process of re-doing them to the black background. It really shows them up better. I will try to take some more pics/ close-ups of some of my designs and post them or I will email them to you!!! :D By the way, what a CUTE picture of you! You are just as cute as you can be! Hopefully someday we will get to meet in person and swap nail art tips and tricks!!!!! TTYL!
8) Verrrry nice ! I love the table and everything looks so neat and professional, but I too would like to see a close-up of the "wall" ! :ack:
Ange, thank you!!! I will do my best to take better oics of the wall!!! Then ya'll can get an idea of some of my other nail art designs. Thank you for the nice compliments!
Shelley :D
That is a great idea to categorize your art. Mine is all on wheels in the order that I thought of them, order at all! lol I would love to reorganize them by repainting new wheels...but they are so expensive!

That is a pic of me at work... Where is your pic? I love to see who I am talking to. So far only a few of us have been brave enough to post our real pic.

(yes Samuel...I am calling you chicken...
.... I have not been very sassy lately...thought you might have missed
yea that would be cool!! lets see who we are chatting to!!!

This is me....

--edited Feb 5,2003 @ 8:28 am -- Tripod won't allow you to link to their images from outside sites... all that came up was that ugly banner... so I thought I would remove them and post this message

I'm not *that* much of a poser! lol! They were taken when I did a catwalk show for Jeff & Co clothing company in November last year

Christie, I hear ya!!! I need to get a pic. taken. Will try to do that sometime this week. It does seem to make it more real, when we can put a face with a name though! But remember, you have seen me... In NAILS....... hehehe UGLY picture aaacccckkkk!!!! Still trying to get baby weight off! Never ending battle, but that is a story for another time! lol I will see what I can do to get my behind in gear and get a pic. taken! TTYL-
Hi Shelley

Your room looks great. How did you fix the nail art tips to the boards??
Hi Layla

This was a section of my salon before I moved rooms and changed themes... very pink!!!! Even the doors and skirtings in my house are pink!!!

Michelle, I just hot glued the tips to the boards. The boards are called sturdy boards, like poster board but thicker, then covered them in black flannel, all of which is glued with a glue gun, then I glued the nails on the fabric, and away I went on painting them! Makes it easier for me! Thanks for looking!
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