My website, please rate


hi. i have made a free website, its not brilliant, but its a basic foundation for what i am aiming for in the future.
please will you look and tell me what you think. thanks xxx
all opinions appreciated xx


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Theres no link chick!
Jen x




Looks great, especially as its for free!

Couple of things id suggest would be to put more keywords in the titles of your pages. Titles like About Me are useless to search engines, a better example would be "About my mobile nail technician service, Norwich" or similar.

The images on your site took a long time to load, make sure they are all a sensible size for the web, like 30kb or less.

Have a look at my site to see what I put as the title of each of my pages, the title is the bit in the top right hand side of your browser window.

Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Technician, mobile around Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire


Thanks hun, i will lok at changing the titles and look into the picture sizes.

your web site is lovely and simple, and thats what i was trying to go for. although it does seem messy compared with yours.

thanks again xx
Hi there Laura, what a great site and just goes to show what can be done by DIY an that you don't need to spend a couple of hundred pounds getting one.

I would suggest you buy a domain name, you can get for £2.99ish from ukreg and other places, this will mean your site name is much more memorable to clients an help you look professional (plus it can benefit search engine rankings).


thanks hun, i will look into the domain name, and if i can link it to the yola site, i know that you can through themselves, but i dont know if or how i would do it externally.

thanks xxx


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I think it looks fab, your pics are lovely!!!!
I would recommend 123-reg for buying a domain name as I believe they make it easy to link to a free website, if you decide to buy one.

Website is lovely though xx


thanks, i am trying to build up more proffesional looking pics, but the editor on there is actually not half bad lol.
thanks for the recomendation ill look into it xxx