my whites arnt white


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Feb 2, 2003
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dorset england
when i do pink and whites sometimes they look more like beige and pinks :shock:
its not all the time but enough to start doing my head in :evil:
i dont think i do any thing different its not all the whites in a set often its 1 or 2 and its so annoying :? .its not always the same fingers.
i have tried making the white thicker,thinner,fileing more,fileingl ess,buffing harder buffing less,but when it goes beige it stays that colour.i have tried working wetter ,drier ands its so annoying as it happens when it feels like it ,not every day but enough to think what the heck is going on :shock:
it can be a few speckles of beige anywhere on the white,some times near free edge sometimes in the middle of the whites.
im using ret + and perfect colours soft white and white(not sure of the proper names) and also the solar nails white
If it generally appears on the first few nails that you do and not the others it sounds like a contaminated brush! Purchase a new one.

If it is random - it sounds like a mix ratio problem. You are not making all your beads consistent. Work out a system for collecting the powder that works for you and is consistnt every time.
The soft white is far less opaque and will show signs of greyness when used wet or thin... if you pull pink over a greyish white... that could contribute to the lovely beige colour.

Why not just tell them its the new Beige manicure look that is really hot is milan right now?
it happens on all differnt nails randomly,so i guess its down to mr mix ratio :rolleyes:
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