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Jan 11, 2003
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Daventry, Northants (UK)
I am about at my wits end. I have one client who cannot or will not keep her nails on.

I have tried - I think - everything. Most of my clients have no problems.

This one has very small nails which over time have become thin and weak with her picking them off. I personally think that her nails are so flexible that the acrylic is not adhering - is this possible. :?

I use Supply Source acrylic and No Lift Primer and have no major problems on anyone else - in most cases my clients are seeing more success since I started using this product.

My client gets lifting even though I know the product is not touching her skin and I make sure any skin is removed from the nail prior to application.

Any pointers in the right direction will be most appreciated.
Fiona Fiona!!

The more damaged and weak the 'canvas' or nailplate you are working on .... the less well an ordinary Acrylic will adhere despite how many times you prime etc.

This client does not deserve your attention. It is soul destroying to do your best work on a client who direspects it so much that they pull it off and then complain later to everyone how your product 'ruined' their nails.

YOU are supposed to be the 'nail doctor'. It is simply not on to keep putting product on nails that are so thin and weakend that more damage is going to occur. Tell her you can no longer apply enhancements on her nails until the damage SHE has caused has repaired itself.
Thanks for that reply. I do feel the same as you say but she does not bad mouth me - quite the opposite in fact - anyone who asks her - she will recommend me and has put clients my way.

She has decided to give them a break and I will recommend a natural nail care regime for her to improve her nails.

I am going to Coventry on Sunday and looking forward to seeing anyone else who will be there.
Hi Fiona

I will be there too on Sunday, I live about 15 mins away so shall be there about 10, and intend to spend spend spend (mainly on Creative prods I might add) :D and intend to watch Sam's lecture at 1.30 so might see you there. :D
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