Myths and Fables as seen in Scratch November issue


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Myths and Fables Concerning Nails

  • Using an electric polish drying machine will dry nail polish quickly!

The only thing that will speed up the drying process of nail enamel is to starve the surface of the polish of oxygen (by using an oil or oil based spray) or by applying a chemical that will help speed the process of solvent evaporation from the polish. Polish is only paint and will only dry at a slow rate unless accelerated by something. Using a warm air machine may keep the client still for a period of time but it does not aid in any other way in drying the nail polish.

  • The nail plate contains allot of calcium.

Actually the nail plate is comprised of less than one tenth of one percent (.001%) calcium. The natural nail plate contains more zinc and sodium than it does calcium and is mainly comprised of keratin.

3. Nail growth is not affected by the weather.

IN fact, nails grow about 20% faster in the summer than they do in the winter.

Men’s nails grow at a faster rate than women’s.

Nails grow faster on the dominant hand and the longer the finger the faster the growth rate. Generally speaking nail growth slows down as we mature.

  • Cutting or trimming the eponychium (commonly and incorrectly referred to as the cuticle by many) during a manicure makes it lovely and smooth.

The eponychium is living tissue and should never be cut or trimmed. Cutting and trimming causes the tissue to become ragged and can promote hangnails and disease. Cutting and trimming also encourages the eponychium to become thick and unsightly.

  • When working for a salon owner, regular clients ‘belong’ to the technician who regularly does their nails.

Salon clients belong to the salon, not to the individual who regularly does their nails. It needs to be remembered that clients first come to the salon, because of its good reputation not to an individual working for the owner. If you leave the employ of a salon, it is totally unethical to try to take clients with you. Some may find you if they want you, and that is their choice, but to ‘steal’ names and addresses from the salon records in order to ‘steal’ business from the salon is dishonest practice. Passing out business cards whilst still in the employ of the salon is equally dishonest. Always ‘leave the door open behind you’ when you leave a salon.

  • If a client has a case of ‘green’ nail, the enhancement must be removed and not re-applied for some weeks.

Once the enhancement has been removed and the ‘green’ nail thoroughly sanitized and dried, a new enhancement may be applied immediately. The stain will remain and will need to grow out. Once sanitized and dried, the bacteria that caused the infection can no longer thrive. The stain is the left over result of the infection even when the bacteria are no longer present.

  • Feet are yucky!!

The truth is that our feet are much cleaner than our hands. Most of us bathe every day and our feet go into clean hosiery or socks, which are then protected inside our shoes. Hands (on the other hand) are touching unclean surfaces constantly and picking up millions of different bacteria. Unless frequently washed, our hands are covered with bacteria. When performing enhancement services always use a hand sanitizer before touching a client and make sure your client has used it too.

  • Gaining a qualification in nails makes you a professional.

Sorry. Gaining a recognized qualification makes you an amateur apprentice. Professionals are produced with experience and further education. The definition of a professional is that they are highly skilled at their craft, do not need supervision or guidance, and use their skills to make their living; these things take time and practice, until then one is strictly an amateur.

  • Speed is the ultimate aim for a student.

Sadly this is all to often true! However, it is quality work that should be the ultimate aim of the student. When a standard of good quality work has been achieved … only then should timing become an important issue.

  • Advertising in your local press is the best way to make the public aware of your business.

The quality of your work is what will get you and your business noticed and you asking your satisfied clients to pass the word along. Always have business cards on you and hand them out at every opportunity. Leave them in every ladies room in places you frequent. Talk about what you do. Blow your own trumpet.

Local press advertising is only rarely successful.


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