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I got my new issue of Scratch this morning and with it is a catalogue for Nail Order - on page 43 they have a complete airbrushing kit suitable for 'mobile and low usage salons' :D

Price is £299 + vat and it appears to come complete with carry box/case and everything you need (not that I know because I don't airbrush yet!! :oops: ) but it says 'complete kit'

And it has a dual action airbrush - I do know from various other posts about airbrushing that this is a good thing :D

I would guess it's also on their website somewhere - the address is



Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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I have been looking into to buying an airbrush for nail art, but I am mobile. Does anyone currently use an airbrush on mobile basis?? How practical does this work out, because of the time it take to set up, do the design and clean out airbrush after???

Can anyone give me an idea of what to charge for this service as well??

Thanx guys, any tips greatly appreciated.

When i do mobile i don't offer airbrush because the compressor is heavy and because of the setup time. But if you are looking for something that's easier to carry there are "baby" compressors that are small, relatively lightweight, and even have a handle. However, I can't say if they are as good as the "regular" size compressors because i haven't tried them. They have one at the K-Sa-Ra nail store
sawasdee ka

iwata make a compressor name mobile compressor is 1-35 psi and 8 lbs size 25.18.16 cm .

we love iwata .

Big smile from Thailand mui ka
Sawasdee ka

For cleaning every body when them start take long time but there is trick for fast and after you make system not take long time .

we have book Airbrushing for nails by elizabeth anthony see if you can find friend have this book and look there book it is very good .

Big smile from Thailand mui ka

hi there
i am mobile and offer both airbrushing and freehand nail art. I bought a 'mobile' compressor - i can attach up to four guns to it but you can only use one gun at a time (ie, not the salon type compressor where two or more techs can use at the same time) and it is ideal. The set up doesn't take two minutes but i admit the cleanup time is consuming. Admittedly not many of my ladies want airbrushed designs but i'm educating them! In hindsight, i should have probably waited and sussed out the market but had to go on my airbrush course straight after my L&P course and just had to have everything! I certainly haven't recouped the cost of the compressor yet but i just love airbrushing.
Sawasdee ka

The change of color and clean air brush not have to take long time you can clean and change color in seconds .

we can air brush nails faster then put polish ka .

The air brush nails we see in magazine are very beautifull but no body my shop like use stensil we airbrush nail in 1 or more color and free hand design .

Mui from the land of smiles
Hello everyone - This is my first post!:)

I like airbrushing basic background colours and french tips before doing freehand nail art - it dries much quicker than polish, is micro-thin, super quick and colour blends behind freehand art look great - I also use shimmer and sparkle topcoats over a lot of the designs cos it really makes them look pretty. I work mobile and I find I'm not using the airbrush for very long at a time - so lugging around a compressor would be a waste of time. I buy the cans of compressed air and use these. You need to stand them in a bowl (or I use a champagne cooler) of warm water to stop them from freezing up whilst you're using them but they weigh nothing and are much quieter than using a compressor.

Just an idea for you!

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