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Jan 15, 2003
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Fairfield, Illinois, USA
I just received my latest spring nursery/planting guide and I was looking for nail art ideas not what plants I wanted and didn't even realize what I was doing until I said something to my husband about which would look best. :D Then I started looking in a fashion catalog, low and behold there are floral prints on most of the outfits and then again my mind goes to nail art.
lol, I do that too! dh thinks it is funny, we will be someplace and someone walks by and I will say man I could do some killer nail art for that
I go to the fabric store for inspiration. I had a man client for a few months he wore acrylics and liked them long.....oh so much fun, but better yet he loved nail art and would let me do what ever I wanted and he didnt care how much it cost.....I really like airbrushing abstract art and he liked it too.....gosh I miss him :trashed:
I see stuff all the time that I think would be cool for nail art. Hawaiian print fabric is a great source of inspiration. I see flowers and am always thinking...hmmm could I paint that on a nail??

That is when you got the fevah! lol
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