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Jun 18, 2004
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Newcastle upon Tyne
Can anyone recommend any nail art pens?
nubar pens are meant to be good u can buy them on ka sa ra chocolates site x
Nubar, star nails and rio are all very similar I think and I like using them for detailed work.

xx :D
art pens can be bought from argo (for practising on ) plus basic video for your own use until you go on a art course
I just bought a set with 11 nail art pens for 27,5 € (aprox 16.50 £) on a portuguese site like e-bay, i don't now witch brand they are, but i thought i would give it a go since it was a really nice price. When they get here i'll tell you if they are any good.
the nail art pens from millenium are great. come in 70 -odd colours, and only cost about 160 each. they are just like the nubar ones but are water based so colours dry really fast.
hi have you the web address or link 4 minellium?? is the web address, but i know that some people have had problems with it lately, also i think the prices on the site are retail prices, so you might do better to ring up for a catalogue. telephone 01914874600.
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