Nail art supplies

Where's the best place to get nail art supplies from i.e. Glitters, foils and brushes? Is it worth looking on eBay or should I steer clear?



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Try these:-
Magpie Beauty
INK London

I haven't bought glitters from eBay but I have ordered foils, tiny dried flowers and other nail art bits and even brushes and the majority have been absolutely fine x


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I use Sweet Squared to buy most of my nail art - lecente glitters, foils, pigment powders.
I had a set of nail art brushes from ebay, which were fine and still in use 5 years on.
For stamping I use Konad stamping polishes, konad & moyou plates
For nail art stickers, I use Handy for the odd snowflake, snowman or reindeer when required!


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I love Magpie Beauty and Glitterarty for most of my nail art.

I find these are much better quality to most I’ve found on eBay

EBay isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are a number of reputable traders that sell via eBay, you just need to keep an eye on who you are buying from.
There was a lady there once who was selling the best foils I've ever seen, sadly she had to retire due to ill health... I stockpiled enough for several lifetimes before she did because I don't expect I 'll ever find any as good as hers again.


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Naio nails
Charlies nail art
These are where i buy mine xx

Try Naio nails their delivery is so quick and really happy with the products I’ve bought x

Thanks everyone, I will have to do a bit of shopping and see which suppliers I prefer.