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ohh ty ty ty ty Laystar! I will be trying them in the morn! They sound, and look awesome! :D


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Jan 12, 2003
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Hey geekettes ;-)

Wht cool, funky techniques do you have when doing nail art? I do sponging and watermarbling, both create eyecatching and interesting designs. And they r both easy to do (bit messy though!!)

Does anyone else do anything like this? Share yah tips and ideas ;-)

I have never done either of those... but they sound fun! Could you please give me some directions? I would love to try them! Thanx :D
I never let in on my nail art secrets ;-) but i guess...I can..seeing as you're fellow artistes ;-)

Sponging is easy...paint on a pale base coat like white, pale pink, blue etc. take a darker colour...blob on the paint onto a palette or even a piece of paper!! Dab your sponge into the paint and dab it onto the tips of your nails lightly. Then sponge on the pale base again over the nailm not too heavily though. Then sponge on the darker colour. Then add top coat to blend it a bit.

Good colour combos for these are pale pink and bright pink, baby blue and dark blue, white and gold, white and bright pink, yellow and red.

Watermarbling is very messy!! Fill a cup or jar etc with cold water. Take a nail varnish and drip a drop of varnish into the water. It will spread out into the wwater. Add another colour into the water. get a cocktail stick and swirl the 2 varnishes around to make patterns. Dip your nail into the floating varnish and take it out to see the pattern on your nail. this does require practise! I usualy paint the nail white first, then watermarble them.

Good colour combos are white and pink, white and blue, white and red. basically..pales and darks, cos they contrast well. Glitter polishs tend to disintergrate in the water, so avoid them and shimmery polishes awell.

good luck

Oh here are links to my watermarble and sponge nails...pic quality is (as always) a bit dodgy...



:oops: dose any body know what to do with buillion??? i have loads of the stuff but sure how to use it.
From what I gather, you apply clear polish or something like that ( :D LOL :rolleyes: ) and either place the beads on as you would with rhinestones, or pour the beads on, then seal them in with topcoat or sealer.

That is how I would place them on...but hey! Im a nutter! I could be wrong ;)

Hi, I agree with Layla on how to apply bullion. I've just used it in silver, laying it down to form lines between black polish & clear, the effect is nice 8) but no-one believes all the hard work that went into applying those teeny, tiny, little monsters, one by one :twisted: .And as for sealer you will proabably find you need heaps of it - because the bullion doesnt have a flat bottom like the rhinestones. Neither does it seem to stand up to wear very well. After the hours I spent on my nails I dont care if I ever see another tube of bulion ever again!
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