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Sep 8, 2003
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Hi y'all,
Was roaming around Telford shopping mall yesterday and came across a Nail Bar. Now these things are probably all over the place but I don't get out much and haven't seen one before. :rolleyes: It was just like a bar except you didn't lean against it with a bacardi and coke but a bottle of nail polish!
I thought that the young girls working at the bar didn't have much light but they were busy and one was doing extensions [I'm not sure what system] but the nails looked lovely from a distance. Another girl was massaging a client's hands with Creative Solar Butter. I don't know what the prices were and unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop and ask about it all. I could not see any form of washbasin or source of water nearby. However, I can imagine that some customers may like the idea of just stopping and having a set of nail extensions on the spur of the moment.

Anyway, I was wondering what you other Geeks thought about this type of service?

Personally, I would rather have that sort of service performed in some kind of privacy i.e. in a salon.

What do you think?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts
I agree with you about personally liking a more relaxed salon service, but there is no doubt that there is a good market for a rapid service for those on the go and with time at premium.

The younger ones tend to like this service a lot - they want everything quick and they want everything perfect! A challenge.

It would be quite cool to incorporate a 'quick' nail bar within an ordinary salon for those who want this type of thing -- sort of a 'nails to go' :D :D Then the salon could cater to both types of clientele.
Yes I agree with you Geeg - a sort of Fast Fix for nails - where will it end - drive throughs?..........!! :D
Hi Carol,
My sister in law called me last night to tell me about the exact same bar!!!!
She had been to Telford shopping centre yesterday and mentioned she had seen this set up.
Apparently it was towards the end of the day that my sis-in-law was there just as many of the shops were closing and she said she felt that the staff on there had done well as they appeared to be cashing up!
i'm inclined to agree that the "quick fix" approach is probably moving forward. Hardly any of us have time to stop!!!!
I take 2hrs to do a full set of enhancements......thats a long time out of a busy day!!!
I just hope that quickness is not placed before the more important aspects of nail care! :sunny:

Catch you soon!
Hiya Jacky,
Sma;l world isn't it?! I was there early afternoon and although the place wasn't exactly busy, there were two customers at the nail bar when I went past. I just felt that it wasn't an ideal place [particularly the light] but that's probably because I have aging eyes and need lots of light and my specs to work!!! I wish I'd found out more now like how long they take and how much they charge but I was with the other half and he's not so interested!!!
Anyway, thanks for posting.
i think the nail bar uses proflo acrylic, they dont have a water supply and do dry manicures (not cheap) i`m sure when you have a manicure you have to buy the bottle of nail polish colour that you choose.
im not sure of the prices they charge but i do no that renting space in the centre costs an absolute fortune, but they seem to do ok.
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