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Aug 21, 2007
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Worksop, Notts
I am doing ANOTHER nail biter on tues, which i really am not bothered about, but cant turn down business. Does anyone know how to apply a tip to a nail biter if there is no free edge. I know you can sculpt onto a nail biter, as i seen it through tammy taylor, but when they dont want sculptures & insist on having tips, how do you apply these & prevent lifting. I know i may be asking for miracles, but is there a way please!!!!
It can be done but you have to saddle the tip so that the bulbous fleshy part of the finger does not push the tip off,
if you look in the tutorials there is one in there on this subject, i think it is called saddling a tip hth
Thanks. it is a right pain doing tips on biters but for some reason they dont want sculpts. Thanks again.
I would use a clear tip, that way you could use a custom blend acrylic and make the nail bed look longer. :)

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