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Mar 11, 2003
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west yorkshire
please can someone recomend something really NASTY tasting for me to apply to my daughters nails to stop her bitting them. i have tried all the usual but she still bites them the look horid please please help
Well all i did to stop my little one was everytime i caught him i put some solar oil on stopped him biting his nails but did them good at the same time :D
that a certain percentage of nail biters are not going to stop biting for anything less than professional help. I mean I have watched a lot of nail biters in action and some are not even aware of what they are doing and some are at it every waking moment, even in business meetings, ect ect. I'm thinking that for some nail biters we are witnessing the tip of some type of emotion response. Something that is beyond our expertise as nail techs you see.
Golly I have seen women who have remind me of those cage bound parrots that have plucked most of their feathers out --- very apparent a creature in troubled emotional waters.
The only application for the nails that I currently sell to customers is the ORLY NO BITE. Personally I feel that if that does not help them then they might need to sit down with a professionally trained consulor.
And products like Orly No Bite will be of no help for one type of biter --- they dont bite upon the actual nail, but instead use the teeth to pick and strip off pieces of cuticle and skin surrounding the nail area. ( It's gotta hurt dont ya think )
Hi Glenda

How old is your daughter? My eight year old used to bite her nails. I promised her and manicure and a paint every Friday evening if she stopped. It worked a treat! She has totally stopped biting her nails just so she can sit and play "ladies" with me once a week!

I also managed to get one of my client's daughters to stop biting hers with the same promise (although I charge her mum half price for the job!)

Might be worth a try if your daughter is not too old.
thanks for you thoughts but ive tried everything. shes 6 going on 16,tried the manicure evenput her acrylics on in the hols that worked till she went bak to school thenit all started again ive read that nailoid do a nasty one but cant find in shops also lcn her fingers get sore but she still does it thank you though
Hi Glenda! Does your daughter have a hero / heroine :?: You could say things like 'imagine if you bumped into Justin Timberlake with nails like that - he'd never fancy you :!: ' you know....make her think a little although she is too young to probably take notice of that - maybe when she's 12/13 :shock:
how on earth do you find time to answer even my *menial* messages though i do thank you. i solar oil her nails every morning but will try to work a way around your idea its such a shame.she lost out on appearing in a barbie advert when she was 4 because of it had i ralized i would have done a set of nails on her what a cheat i am ta once more
glenda said:
how on earth do you find time to answer even my *menial* messages

No messages are menial babe and if I can help...I'll try :!: BTW you're welcome ;)
Ok this is what I tell nailbiters.... Everytime they put their hands down somewhere they pick other peoples germs up and what makes them think they're not putting their hands down where some dirty old tramp who has had his hands down his pants has been!!! Usually does the trick! :D Jx
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