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May 12, 2003
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:D hi there,
can any one tell me want they think of the nail craft centres.(shops)
i know they have got them in swindon, cardiff, cheltenham, bristol, southampton etc. what you think of there nails,products etc
as im thinking about getting a job there,so i was just wondering how good the company is.
love from
trace xx :D
I`m in Essex Trace and I`ve not seen any of those shops here. What is it they do? Services, retail or both.
Do these shops have a name or are they just called craft centres?
Take care Dawnie
I have heard of the Nail Craft Centres. I don't know enough about them to give an honest opinion other than they are a small chain! I'm not sure what product line they use. To find out more why don't you call and ask the following:
Are you a franchise
What are your training requirments?
Are we employed or do we rent space?
What can I expect to earn - do I make commission on retail?
etc, etc
Hope this helps! ;)
yes they are a chain of nail salons, and they are called the nail craft centres!
they have a website to if anyone would like to know more, if you just type the nail craft centre.the site will come up!
if any one wants any more info please let me know,and i will try to help!
love to you all
trace xx :D
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