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Kim Lawless

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Apr 17, 2003
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London and Essex
Hi Geeks, I need your help. When I trained as nail tech last year with a top company, we were told only about the negative side of electric files. Thus, being easily brainwashed, I also spread the word about the dangers of using one and shouted 'get thee behind me Satan' as I passed every salon that used one. Well, now I'm eating my words. I've been having my nails done at a salon that only uses electric files and it's been a real eye opener. The whole procedure is quick and as gentle as can be - and my nails look fab. No burning and ruining the natural nail. So, am I right in thinking that it's not the drills but the untrained techs we have to scared of???? I'd appreciate your views and any tips on what to buy. xxx
Yes, it is very much the untrained techs using e-files that cause the problems. There is nothing wrong with e-files in trained hands.
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