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Apr 27, 2004
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hi im looking into doing a course for a beginer im thinking of creative but star nails are doing a course for 4 days over 6 weeks for £169 plus kit??
wat course is the best??
also which system should i learn acrylics or acylics uv is ther much difference?
im new to all this
Hi there - I would recommend you look into both and MORE, and I trained with Star over a year ago and it has been good for me but if I had of heard about Creative I would probably have gone with them at the time but with hindsight Creative would have been better choice for one as the local salons to my area all use their products - and if i was Creative trained i think finding work would be easier. If I were you and you do want to work in a local salon i would look into who is using what and where before you book any course., anyway thats my little twopence worth....and good luck with your choices.
Hi Emma

Cost doesnt always necessarily mean better course. Im no way experienced within the Nail business but i thought id let you know what i think anyway .... seeing as you asked ! Lol

Im afraid im creative all the way now, i did essential nails home course before i knew about creative, which was good and the people were really helpful, then booked myself on the creative four day foundation course, you do 3 days then go back in about 2 weeks time for your fourth day. I loved the trainer and training, very informative, there are 8 people allowed per class and is very informal. Ive also done the manicure & pedicure (last week), brisa (yesterday), the next step monday and ive booked on mosaic workshop and also sculpting. I know its alot but whilst i have time on my hands i just want to keep learning.

I know there are other companies and i know other people rave about them too, just like me and the company / products i like!

I dont know about acrylic uv so i cant help there.

I see you have been really using this site (like me ! fab isnt it and so much info and knowledge) have you used the search option to read previous messages and feedback re various companies and training courses ? I try always to use the search before i post anything now as i usually find the answers i need.

I think recently there was a post re star nails training ?

Good luck hun with whatever you choose, sorry im biast towards creative, and i know this site is not a creative site and that sometimes it looks like it because so many people use and love creative, that in itself tells me something.

I have heard loads of good things about EZ Flow too by the way. Have you looked through any nails mags as they are really informative too

Best wishes and good luck with whomever you choose and feel is right for you

I agree with Louise, i too would look into Creative, i am hoping to eventually do their conversion course, you can ring around people or have a look on the internet for other training. But i wish i had seen Creative before. x x anyway good luck
Hi hunny

You asked the difference between the Star Nails acrylics and acrylics UV. Basically Star Nails do two systems with liquid and power: one is self curing (acrylic) and one requires a lamp to set (acrylics UV). The UV one is easier to apply but it means the kit is far more expensive as you need a lamp.

Hope that helps.

Best of luck with whatever training you choose.

It's got to be Creative !!!!

Sassy x
Hi, i also trained with star nails and for what you're paying you might as well do a total technician course with Star if that's the way you want to go. I did that which means you do 6 days spread over 3 months.

1st day is a manicure course, basics obviously, 2nd day is a play day where you get to try acrylic L&P, Acrylic UV, fibre glass and Gel. The third day you then go into your chosen system as well as the health and safety, over exposure, physiology and treatable and untreatable conditions etc. You obviously have to study at home and practise as well as do a few sets of nails. Fourth day you carry on learning and practising. 5th day you then have a written paper and have to do a set of enhancements as your final test. The 6th day is a one day nail art.

I did this for £196 plus the kits, so i guess it depends on what you want. Have to say i'm doing my 3 day advanced course in July to get my diploma , again with star nails then when i've been doing it for 12 months will do my conversion course with Creative.

I've found it hard but i think all systems can be and obviously everyone is different. A few people i've spoken to have said star nails isn't the easiest one to use but i think if i can master that then anything i try after that will just get better and better.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions about it PM me or i can even send you the booklet about the star nails courses if you give me your address, if you haven't got it already.:D

Look my gran would say never buy the first pair of shoes you try on..................same goes for men, but thats another story..........i know a fab trainer that will do 6 days indepeth training for £350 .......and i can tell you she is fab......but have a look around and remember those shoe's....are they comfy?
emmalouisa said:
hi im looking into doing a course for a beginer im thinking of creative but star nails are doing a course for 4 days over 6 weeks for £169 plus kit??
wat course is the best??
also which system should i learn acrylics or acylics uv is ther much difference?
im new to all this
i initially trained with star nails ...i did their total nail technician course ...the education was good and the products were ok ...but last year after reading up on various companies i decided to do a conversion course with creative ...the education and educator were brilliant and the product is exceptional ....i have to be honest and say that i never had any real problems with star nails products but the difference in the pudding is in the eating ...(so to speak ) nails had good products ...creative have great products really is as simple as that ...
hope this helps
I had training with creative and they are fab.......but i have also had training with alot of other companys ....some were good, some were great and some were fanbloodytastic!!!!! remember those shoe's.....i wear fanbloodytastic shoes and luv em, but i also wear other shoes.............if they have a good name it doesnt mean they are a perfect fit, it just means they fit a little snugglier ( if thats a word?)

I totally agree with Lilly, what feels good to one doesn't work for someone else. I'd go for the best course you can afford then later you can always get hold of sample kits to give you a taster of other "shoes" then sometimes you may want something simple but elegant, or something that is alittle more dressier and stunning.........just go for it.
hi i would definatly recommend creative, they are more expensive but they do look after you when you have finished your course....all the people there are great and i was supprised how many people had done the foundation course even a young lad working in the nail shop! i thought that was great they could help with problems and also recommend which products would help you and if they thought you were buying something you wouldnt need they would always tell you to stop you wasting money in the long run! go CREATIVE! you will love it :)
Hi Emmalouisa

I did the Creative Foundation course just over a year ago and thought it was fantastic. It is surprising just how much you can learn in 4 days.

I know there are cheaper courses out there but I would definitely go for creative.

hi thanxs for all your opinions , i think i will go creative as i have just had a manicure with there products they r lush , i better start savin lol

thanxs xx
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