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Mar 1, 2004
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i have trained in nailtiques earilier this year and have thought of something which is puzzleing me. is there a particular reason why the nail machine should not be used on a diabetic. i know that nippers are not advised in case of making a cut but i cant fathom why the nail machine is not advised. Has it got something to do with the vibration of it?

any ideas?

What exactly is the nail machine?? An electric cutical pusher??

If it is, then it will be to cover them for the same reasons as using a metal tool. Diabetics cut easily. Their skin is thin around their digits. They heal very slowly and are prone to infection. Best not to take chances ever.
I love using the Natural Nail Care machine when doing cuticles so this question has often passed through my head as to what the reason is for not using it on diabetics. I understand the infection risk & healing problems of cuts in diabetics but could not directly connect this to the action of the nail care machine as the rapid vibration of the plastic paddle gives such a smooth & gentle action that unless it was used very roughly I would find it hard to cut a client. I have also been trying to find out why when doing pedicures on diabetics we should not have the footbath in massage/vibration mode but use the heat setting only.
By chance I got to speak to a friend of mine yesterday who is a severe diabetic & very well informed on the condition so I posed the questions to her and got the following explanation .......
"I think it may have to do with the vibrating motion as the tiny blood vessels that get clogged with sugar are very delicate and this action may rupture them due to the extra sugar in them that isn't there on a non diabetic

Feet are in fact more prone to this happening because of the extra wear and tear, walking and such on them and once these vessels are broken they take extra long to heal and can become infected and if not treated, gangrenous. Which is why we have to have them regularly checked."
Hi, hope I can help you all,
I am a nail tech and have been a Type 1 diabetic for 6 years now, I don't have thin skin around nails, and really wouldn't like to give a def answer to your problems, but if you phone this number which is the Diabetic Association in London, they are very very helpful with all the problems I have.

Please call them they are great 0207 4241000

Tell them your enquiry and they will explain in detail, or send you lit on this.

Hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on.

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PS you may find it is to do with sensativity as us diabetics loose sensation of our skin to do with nerve damage, and if sugar level control is bad we do get infection and take time to heel. But I have 2 large tattoos on my arms and I had no problems. I do actually heel quite quickly.

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