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Jul 27, 2003
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sawadee kha

For nail mart have 1800 number i can not call from Thailand i email them 2 time them not send me 1 .

Nail mart have web site or not i can not find web site i want buy rhinstone and not expensive .

Kop khun kha mui
Good morning Mui :D

I cant find nail Marts website but i have a phone number ; 4401273831199.
You can also get Rhinestones form the following companies;

Can you get "nails" magazine out there? Its excellent for new supplies. The phone number is 01353 665577.
Hope it helps! xx :D
sawasdee kha

I just buy some rhinestone bangkok them very small and cost 3 time more america .

Every thing cheap Thailand but not nail product .

In nail mart them have new rhinestone and i want try say size 9 .

Before i buy rhinestone come from shop boots london and lady like too much but can not have now and not many .

have nail mart 1440 rhinestone 1000 baht in bkk 1000 rhinstone and not beautifull 3000 baht .

I look website you tell me kop khun kha mui
Check the sites that Rachel told you about. If you still want the ones from Nail Mart go to
sawasdee kha

I want to make order for my salon and friends salons so that we dont have pay dealer Thai or malay .

It better for us to get product from america have 40 baht 1 dollar and 66 1 england so for buy product and ship cheaper for us buy america .

I want nail mart america .

Kop khun kha mui
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