Nail Olympics in Las Vegas


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Jan 11, 2003
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Quite a few of our girls went to the Nail Olympics last year; I've heard mainly great things but wondered if any of you American / Canadian gals had been and what did you think :?:
Is it something we should promote over here?
Would appreciate anyone who has been to give us some info ;)
it sounds really exciting; can anyone give us details?

xx layla xx
I was there last summer but did not enter the competition...chicken. Very exciting to watch everyone get their awards. Sad for people who didn't. One group of little Japanese ladies (the art competition) were crying when they did not place anywhere. The poor things. The model was dressed up like a flower garden. The winners would hoot and holler when they heard their name read....and come running down the isle and up onto the stage.
Do you mean promote for people to attend in Vegas or to have a nail olympics in UK?
The only thing that was a bummer is that you could not see the winning nails. Only the tech went up on stage and unless you knew who their model was you did not see what the work looked like. That is what I wanted to see...I wanted to hold those nails in my hand and examine them close up so I could learn something from them. I also wish I could have looked over Tom Holcomb's shoulder while he was working. But I am sure the last thing he wanted was someone breathing on him while he is doing competition
Plus there are lots of booths and many of the major nail companies there. My favorite was the CND booth. I just love to watch them do little demos and stuff...I try to pick their brain for hints and tips.
I am trying to remember if I had to give my nail tech license number when I ordered my ticket...I cannot remember.
... was wondering as to the promotion of sending people. One of our Ambassadors here (we call ESC's Ambassadors) Jacqui Jefford, entered for the first time and took Silver and Gold in the nail Art. She is very talented and did it for fun (no pressure) and was amazed that she had won. Another one of our girls enetered the L+P comp and came fourth over all so she was really thrilled too. :D
I just wanted to have a few opinions as to whether it was 'worth it' and we can let our girls/guys know that it is an option! Look forward to hearing more ;)
How brave to enter...dang I am a chicken.
But this is my grumble...I can't see what Jacqui Jefford's nails looked like! I went to to see if they had the pics up yet. But no...all that is there is the list of pics. Do you remember what her theme was for the nail art? I saw a lot of models all dressed up in crazy costumes. Maybe I would remember her nail art?
... that she did 'Fairy Wings' - her model was her daughter Michelle and she had her dressed up with gossimer wings etc..she will have pics so I will see if I can download some for you!! FYI - 12 of our UK girls are off to the states on Thursday for a huge CND Regional traing. JJ is one of them so it may be a while before I can post them..I won't forget though! ;) (by the way that is why our lovely Mr Geek is away) and I am missing him :(
AWWWW *hugs for samantha*

I would *love* to go to a nail competition...i LOVE dance competitions (i used to take dance lessons) and I can imagine lving nail ones even more!!!
I was pretty disappointed overall with alot of it. It was a fabulous turn out and I wish more comps saw 1/2 of what that competition got for competitors.

My MAJOR :evil: :evil: :evil: grip was judging. My model spent less than 3 minutes total with all 3 or 4 judges (don't remember how many there were). I've NEVER seen such hasty judging in my life. Plus there were SOOOOOO many entries that these poor models had to stand in line forever after sitting for 1 1/2 hours without going to the restroom. You should have seen the dancing that was going on in that line. They really need to get a better system for judging.

I don't know, maybe judging was really my only gripe. Thank goodness I was in one of my favorite cities to go to, because I would have been one peeved girl had I spent all the money I did to go somewhere to only have someone glance at my models nails. At least I could chalk it up to a learning experience and go get loaded for free and play on the slot machines and forget that day ever happened! 8)

Yeah, I'll probably go back again since I already go to Vegas at least 5x a year. What's one more time...At least I can write this trip off! ;)
...both Sam and I had a lot of fun playing the tables one night - I have never gambled before or since, but I got well into Black Jack :D we also enjoyed the free drinks!!
Judging is always so hard no matter which side of the curtain you are on (if you get my drift) and I think I would have felt the same but it is always a hard call... :? I was asked to judge two competitions in Moscow - the Alternative Nail Awards (which I loved) because we run that competition in the UK, but also a l+p comp. Noone else spoke English and I literally had to wing it - it was seriously awful and since I couldn't understand the other judges, I think they ignored my scores completely!! :( anyway, a lesson learnt to me should I ever be asked again (not really my area to be honest)...
I will be in 'Lost Wages' in August for the new Cosmoprof (what was BBSI) show so that should be cool! ;)
I think I knew that you had entered. Don't you have a pic of you on your website at the show? Or maybe it was a diff. show. What category did you enter?
Did the judges spend only 3 to 4 minutes with every model? Was there some reason why they would spend longer on one and not the other? Do you think they are looking for something in particular? There are a number of diff. things they are supposed to judge arent there? I wonder how they feel they could have judged fairly if they barely took time to notice.
If I ever enter it will be in the nail art category..what a bummer it would be to put so much of yourself into artwork to barely have it noticed...and even if you win...Does anyone get to even see those nails?? I am still waiting for those darn pics... I emailed the nail olympics people and grumbled about no pics yet.
You go to Vegas 5 times a year?? all the way from Michigan? Cripes!
I moved to Hawaii from Reno, Nevada and the whole gambling thing just did not appeal to me. I think when you live there it is not the same as visiting.
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