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Aug 9, 2022
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Hi all,

I'm a designer, researching the area of travel friendly furniture and storage for mobile beauticians and make-up artists. The main focal points for our project are: Sit comfort of client, height adjustability of chair, accessory storage and display. Probably over all of this, we've become aware that the packing and unpacking - travel to and from cars, in through different buildings, across different ground types (gravel, grass, concrete to name a few) should become a point of real focus.
Weight, ease of handling, time to set up and probably more importantly, time to pack up and leave - have all been broought to my attention as areas for deep consideration.

At the moment, I'm thinking that there is a lot of scope here to develop something that can make the set up less hassle, more ergonomic and really help to make both the artist and client feel more at ease.

We've imagined that the end product can make several add-on options, such as storage (for carrying the various products and equipment) and that some people may only require a useful chair and nothing else - once it is simple to carry and set up, then load back into the boot of a small car.

If anybody has any thoughts, suggestions, stories from working as a mobile artist, that could steer our research and help product development, it would be very much appreciated.
Also, if people have an interest, I would be happy to share some development thoughts, as we get deeper into the project in the next few months.

Thanks for your time.
How is your business going? I’m interested in such designs because I want to open a beauty salon in my town. There are no major beauty offices here, and I want to be the pioneer. I’ve already found a nice property we can rent for the first time. It has a great building and a backyard. I want to turn the backyard into a beauty zone, too. We will invite our clients to spend time in the fresh air in the summer. I’ve already found cool outdoor furniture for the backyard. You can go to site to see what I’ve got.
But what I lack is indoor furniture. Maybe you can help me.

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