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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

I use in my nail service nail prep it balances ph dehytrates and sterilizes the nail i also use primer .

I want to take primer out of my service will i have lifting if i do not use primer .

Thank you mui
To use primer or not to use primer??

If your system demands that you use a primer, then you should use it or your clients may suffer from lifting.

Primer helps to attract the acrylic bead to the surface of the nail for a stronger bond than the product would make on its own. Most acrylic L/P does not naturaly bond well to the surface of the nail, which is why most systems demand primer use.

Primer also helps to thoroughly de-grease and sanitize (it is impossible to sterilize the nail plate) the surface of the nail plate which is another factor in strong adhesion.

Primer is not dangerous to use, and contrary to what some may think, it does not 'eat', 'etch' or otherwise 'corrode' the nail surface so why not use it if it is part of your system?
Thank you geeg

It is not good when a company write something about a product and is not true i looked at my bottles of nail prep and it say sterilizes the nail .

Makes us look like we tell lie and make us look stupid .

I will keep use my primer .

Thank you

Mui from Thailand
Nail companies have been calling things 'nail sterilizer' for years ... it makes me mad too. Of course if you wanted to boil someones fingers you could probably sterilize the nails!! :lol:

Even in one of our trade magazines (May Issue) a nail technician/educator (who obviously needs a class) did a step by step and said, "first sterilize the nails with ....." Now SHE is the one who looks stupid, not you. We tend to believe what we are told don't we?

It is wrong and misleading and they should be taken to court under the 'Trade Descriptions' for describing something as a sterilizer that at best only sanitises!!
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