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  1. C

    Tiny Nail Bump On/Underneath Natural Nail - Should I be worried?

    Hey all! Just a little background with this, I had gel nails put on for the first time in December and a couple hours ago had them removed via a soak off appointment (at a different salon). It took almost an hour and a half and I was pretty scared at how my natural nails looked after the...
  2. sgoons

    Overlay nails

    Hi all. My MIL takes my 9 year old daughter to get her nails done often. I have no idea the difference in nail polish options. She came home with overlay nails this time. I feel like she is a little too young to get overlay nails, but I am going off what I read on google. Would you say it’s...
  3. S

    New / Old Nail Tech

    Hi my Name is Shanna, looking forward to some good reading and advice to see if I can regain my passion / confidence when it comes to the only thing I’ve ever really known for the last 20+ years which is all things Nails.
  4. labas

    Nail technician allergy, irrritated eyes

    Hi. I am new here. I started doing nails ~2 years ago on myself, last winter had low immunity(used three types of antibiotics to kill some ear skin infection) and developed allergy on legs. Red itchy skin rash. From this september started working as nail tech in salon. Have ~20 clients per...
  5. Hay333

    Struggling with nails

    Hey! So I am in my second year of my apprenticeship and recently got qualified doing acrylic nails. I am struggling big time! I constantly have issues with lifting specifically with one client and I can’t seem to work out the problem! I file and prime and nothing seems to work :( feeling...
  6. S

    Maintenance pedicure

    Hi just moved to new area doing 2 client's feet very neglected one has cracked heels and the other cut nails so short that they are in growing any advice on improving . All advice greatly appreciated .
  7. T

    BIAB fill - cuticles

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me, usually when I get my nails done for the first time, they soak my cuticles in a soapy(?) water mixture and then trim back around the cuticle and do all those things to get my skin around the nail beds tidied up and ready for the manicure. I had my...
  8. V

    What is the shiniest top coat?

    I'm on the hunt for the shiniest top coat. So far I like CND Brisas top coat but it doesn't last as long and although it has a blue tint to keep colors bright it can also slightly alter the color shade that's very obvious to my own eyes. I also really like Orly's non-wipe top coat. It's very...
  9. S

    Allergic to gel on fingers but not toes

    Hi, I’ve been doing my own nails with gelish for about a year and everything worked fine. I then damaged my nails by removing the gel wrong so I took a break for 5 months to give my nails a rest. Now that I’ve started using the gel again I seem to be reacting to it. My cuticles get itchy as...
  10. K

    Allergic reaction? Psorisis? Help!

    Issue has been resolved.
  11. nailsbyardelle

    The Best Full Nail Soft Gel Tips

  12. M

    NSI dip powder & ASP Quick dip powder

    Hey guys so I just wondered if someone would help me please? I have bought the ASP quick dip powder kit and I was wondering if I could use the NsI dip powder with the liquids I've got from the quick dip kit? The nsi powder are normally cured under uv with the stuff but the quick dip isn't. So...
  13. OmgmynailsHURTSOS

    SOS, help my nails!

    OH my lord. I hope I’ve come to the right place- I need advice ASAP!! I am currently in Sydney Australia, and we are in covid lockdown, and I used an at-home removal kit to take the SNS off my nails because our nail shops are closed. However, I clearly may have filed them too much afterwards...
  14. C

    Cuticle help!

    I had a client message me a week after having her nails done (new client) she had a bare manicure (cuticle work,hand massage,no colour) to say her cuticles have peeled since. I’ve never had this happen before can someone explain or no why this is? Photo attached! Thankyou!
  15. Nailsbynataliamalaga

    Facials with short acrylics?

    Hi everyone so I work as a nail technician I always like my nails to stand out in public and with my clients but I will be adding to my services eyebrows dermoplaning and facials, I know I won't be able to have long acrylic nails performing such services but would it be appropriate to have short...
  16. sazmcgee

    Lecente foil gel fail

    I’ve been using the Lecente foil gel for some time and whilst it’s okay for detailed use, I find that when I apply it over the entire nail, the foil doesn’t stay on. One client had the foil stay on for five days before the foil wore away revealing the gel colour underneath. So the nail coating...
  17. D

    Nail/beauty shows

    does anyone know if there will be any beauty/nail shows going on this year? and when/where they'll be? doing a nail tech course (already a therapist) so would be nice to get some bits for my kit
  18. C

    Bruised toenails

    Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well. I wanted to ask you all professionals here the best way to take care of my bruised toenails. I recently started doing my prep with an e-file with no prior experience. I just started practising. Last time I tried to clean the cuticle with an incorrect bit...
  19. D

    Websites to buy nail tools/supplies

    hi can anyone reccomend any good sites to buy anything nail related? like mani tools, products, gems, art etc? x
  20. C

    Mobile nails?

    Hi everyone!.. good evening! I am booked on a nail training course in Sept and Oct and will be looking to go mobile.. can anyone give me any ideas on how’s best to get the materials around? I’m looking at the trolleys on wheels etc. And that’s probably the best way to go- But what do you do...