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Feb 27, 2004
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cleveland, UK
Can anyone tell me the best way to repair a split nail on a natural nail ?

I dont use the fabric or fibreglass system, but i use acrylic and gel.

The broken nail is split about 2mm above the smile line, and i dont have acrylic on my nails at the moment, and its really really sore !!

Thanks xx
The best thing would be to do an overlay on it using your l&p or gel. Depending on how large the crack is you could put a tiny bit of adhesive to close it before applying the overlay. Make sure you do proper prep before hand. If you wear your nails bare then I would suggest using clear for your overlay rather than pink as it would look the same as the others then.

Good luck
The crack goes about half way across the nail, and i keep catching it !!

I thought you couldnt use adhesive like that in case i trapped any bacteria?
If you do proper prep then you should not trap any bacteria.
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