Nail tech hiring advice?


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Nov 2, 2021
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Birch Bay, WA
Hey all -- I'm wondering if you can offer me any advice on hiring nail technicians? Nails is not an area that I have a lot of expertise in! I'll post some context below and would love to know if there's something we're doing that's turning people off.
  • We're in Washington state in the US
  • We're a new spa location, the owner does body work but none of us have experience with nails
  • Hiring at an hourly rate, our rate matches/maybe leads the market by a little (17.51-23.69 per hour + tips)
  • Starting at part time when we first open but will grow to full time if the folks want the hours
  • PTO, paid holidays, and eventually health insurance at 32 hours per week.
Again, I'm not really in the nail tech circles here, so I'm not sure what makes the most attractive offer. Commission instead of hourly? Health insurance earlier? Just plain ol' more money? I've also added the full job description. Thanks for any advice you can give!


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