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Oct 19, 2007
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Glenesk, Angus
Now being totally new to the industry and not knowing your terminology. I was wondering if you prof geeks could translate for us newbies. And perhaps give some more translations that I have not mentioned. I think i know most of them now, but that has taken me weeks of reading. I know some are self explanitory, but some are not.

L&P -?????
CND - Creative Nail Design
Brisa - Product but what i don't know???
EzFlow - Product
Grand Master - ????
Custom Blend
Nail Art
3D Nail Art - do you need those special 3D glasses that you get at the cinema to see these designs.
Sculptures - I always think or great works of art when i see this word.
Pink & Whites - French??
Smile line - I've got lots of these around my eyes
Stilleto - Shoes???
Flared - Jeans???
Encased - in what?
I know I'm going to look back on this thread and laugh. :rolleyes:
L&P is liquid and powder or commonly known as acrylic...

Yes you will giggle but the terminology was the same for for flared arent these jeans that were worn in the 1970s...LOL:lol:
L&P -Liquid & Powder (aka acrylic)
CND - Creative Nail Design
Brisa - CND Gel
EzFlow - Product
Grand Master - Highest level of qualification before Educator for Creative
Custom Blend - Mixing a colour to create a specific look (usually to disguise a 'join' on short nail beds
Nail Art - pictures/designs on nails
3D Nail Art - where the design is raised from the nail
Sculptures - The correct terminology is 'sculpts' or 'sculped nails' and it is where a nail enhancement is created without using a tip
Pink & Whites - Permanent french created with enhancement products
Smile line - Where the white meets the pink
Stilleto - Shape of nail - pointy like on the shoe heel
Flared - Where the free edge of the nail flares out rather than being straight or tapered in
Encased - L&P or gel
I know I'm going to look back on this thread and laugh. :rolleyes:

Got another one.

Free Edge
The free edge is the edge furthest away from the cuticle. AKA the white bit. :)

Aha, i like laymans terms. The white bit, now that i understand:D
MMA - Methyl MethAcrylate

What the hell is this stuff? sounds lethal :eek:
MMA - Methyl MethAcrylate

What the hell is this stuff? sounds lethal :eek:
It is leathal! It's stuff some of the chop shops might use IYKWIM. On here we call them NSS (non standard salons).

Now not only do you need to learn the nail terminology, but you need to brush up on the geek dictionary too :lol:. HTH :wink2: xx

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