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Jul 4, 2010
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I've recently qualified my HNC in Beauty Therapy, however I'm looking to go down the route of becoming a Nail Technician. Unfortunately through my HNC course the college never introduced us into doing any extension courses, at the moment I've got my qualifications in Manicure, Pedicure and Minx nails. I'm looking to start a Nail Technician course as soon as possible, but I'm unsure of what course I would have to take in order to gain the qualification. Could you please help me with recommending some courses and the qualification level I should be working towards for this? Do you know of anywhere in Scotland that I could go to train?

Thanks for your help in advance :D
Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you do a search you will find lots of threads on training.

There several companies in Scotland offering training. Here a few:

CND @ The Finger Tips Centre in Edinburgh at Newbridge or you can PM Fiona Wallace, Fee Wallace (wee fee) or Heather the Bleather on Salongeek who I am sure will be more than happy to help.

NSI @ The Scottish Beauty School in Hillington Industrial Estate, Hillington

OPI @ Lena White (UK Distributor for OPI) they do have an educator in Scotland (I believe) but I can't remember who, sorry.

Also, you can check out the Events page of the website and it highlight the different training and locations happening around the country.

Hope you find the information helpful and I although I'm not a nail tech at the moment (yes, I still haven't taken a plunge) I find the site very informative and everyone very pleasent whom I have spoken with.
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