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Dec 5, 2007
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North London
Hi All,
I am a few weeks from opening my beauty salon :). Was not going to offer nail extensions for a while but have had quite a few people enquiring if this service will be offered.
Have recently been approached by a couple of nail techs who are interested in renting a space when I open, so I'm thinking that I should consider offereing this service sooner than later.
Was wondering if any of you could suggest a fair daily rent. The techs would supply their own products etc.
The salon is located just off a high street near to a tube/rail station in north London.
Any suggestions would be very appreciated, IT'S ALL A BIT NERVE RACKING!!!
If I agree a rent, how much time before you review etc...

Cheers, in advance.
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its hard to say as you are in a different area to me and it probably different i use to pay £475 a month for a table in a hairdressers on a high street hope this helps xx
I now have my home salon, but when I worked in a hairdressers in a good parade of shops with all my own stuff, table and all, i paid £50 a week. I started the day the shop opened and it took a while to build up business, hers and mine. I was on a 3 month trial. I had only a verbal contract. I was told after 2 months that as I was getting busy my rent was now £75 on the spot. I left!!! I would suggest you have a written contract so you both know the rules, with a get out clause too lol. incase you dont like her after a while.
Good luck with your shop opening !:hug:

when i first started renting i had the problem of what to charge maybe do some research in your area of what people charge/pay.

Because if you charge £50 for says sake and then she is really busy and earning hundreads and you try and put it up she will leave as said in the other post or you will be sick with woulda, suda, coulda.
Many thanks you all for your helpful replies. Gives me ideas for the way forward. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!:):):):)

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