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Nail Technician Required To Make My Salon Work To Its Full Potential


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Apr 8, 2005
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Clacton On Sea
We are currently seeking a nail technician proficent in pink and white liquid and powder to rent a nail desk in our nail salon in Orpington Kent.

We currently only have one full time nail technician, myself , and as a result we our turning away clients that we quite simply can not fit in .Therefore the earning potential is there for the right individual.

The right individual??
Someone with a bubbly friendly outgoing personality.Able to offer excellant customer service and above all a wicked set of nails during the commercial acceptable time,One hour 30 minutes.We do not currently offer gel or fibreglass nails however the option is there for a technican confident in this system to introduce it to our clients.

Rental is based on 50/50% due to the salon providing raw materials-the finest creative nail desgn products for your use.

Call Louise today to arrange a trade test...and a chat!

07932 360 164
I'm just bumping this back up!!!This is a great move for a great tech.With december fast approaching we are going to be turning away lots of clients we just can not fit in....a lot of them new!!

Don't be scared...what have you got to lose....

Be a part of the polished experience.

07932 360 164
[email protected]
i would have jumped at the chance but i am in suffolk sorry xxx good luck in finding someone :green:
Wicked offer this!!!Anyone???
I only do gel! dont live too far from your salon would that do? Dont do L&P at all.

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