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Feb 11, 2003
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Hi Sam we (fiona ) and i spoke to you at coventry on sunday about a customer i have that is going to south africa on the 15th feb she will be invilla sunshine cape town for five days then they go to fancourt hotel george for another week then on to tshukudu lodge pilanesberg national park for a few days then on to the palace of the lost city sun city is it possible for you to find nail techs in any of those places please ?? i will be so grateful if you can as she is a very good and regular customer and i will be a star in her eyes if i can do this as her nails mean a lot to her appearance best regards barbara prentice
ps i thought your talk on sunday was brilliant very informative :rolleyes:
crap... sorry I missed this one... will tackle it tomorrow when Im in the office!

Sorry for the wait!
if you log on to you can look up by country where the 'CND Masters' are based - this should help you. We are in change over prosess there right now so I don't have a distributor that you can contact to find out this info - the website above is the only thing I can think of :?
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