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Oct 14, 2010
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HI all, I'm very new to this, just done a 5 day nail course.. I'm improving with sticking on tips, getting less air bubbles etc. I have two different sets of tips from Magnetic Nails, one of the sets is the one with the curve that fits the nail but the other set, you have to file the curve in, and I seem to get lots of faults from this. Does anyone know what I am even talking about? hehe, I don't know all the technical terms!

I'm really new too and having a heck of time with tips!! I like the tips that you do not have to file out the curve but I wonder sometimes if the strength is the same? Hopefully some will help you and me with this!! I have heard that sculpting is best, but I haven't had a great candidate for it, as most of my clients so far have very little natural nail to work with, therefore, I have a real hard time getting the forms to curve and connect with the nail.

Thanks for the question and let's hope someone can give us advice!!

Yeah I wondered the same, but it looks better I have noticed with less faults using the alrerady curved tips! I am rubbish at sculpting so trying to get this right before I even think about practising more! Where did you train?

Ness xx

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