Nail tips


I'm due to finish my level 3 in a couple of weeks and looking for some reliable nail tips that are not too difficult to apply. At the moment I use 'Royal' through my academy but wondering if there are any other recommended brands? I also sometimes struggle with air bubbles, does anyone have any advice for reducing this?




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If you use the search facility for 'tips' they are often discussed and you'll find lots of recommendations and suggestions.

With regard to bubbles, I assume you mean in the adhesive when adhering the tip? If so you need to rock the tip on to the natural nail firmly, this will push the excess adhesive up and out and eliminate any bubbles as it goes. It's pretty hard to explain in words, maybe have a hunt on YouTube for some videos.


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I use pre pinched, no well tips from galaxy nails. I love them. I think they have more choice on their ebay shop than the website xx