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Dec 7, 2003
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Just thought I'd ask if anyone can help me sort out my nail trainer.

The nails don't seem to stay popped in now to the ends of the fingers. When I file or buff they either come out or totally pop off! If I take the finger pads off I can still use it but it's no use like that and I need to finish my course.

Anyone else have problems with this and if so, did you get it fixed?

U can click the nails into place up to 3 times r u just clicking them in once?

try pushing them right down sometimes you have to do it quite hard.

No, I've tried all that, still problems!
Just a little thought...........
If you go a little to rough on the nail it will pop of.........
Treat it like a clients hand, gentle does it lol..........
click the nailbed into place, different clicks will give you different sidewall settings......
the more you click the deeper the nail will sit on the nail........
I click it in place 2x and then just slightly move the nail forward towards the free edge........
Works for me, but if I go to fast then the hand objects and lauches the litte blighter into orbit lol............
Thanks for replying NailsinLondon

The problem is really when I try to click it in it does for about one second then it comes out again by itself and this is why I have a problem when I file and buff.

I took the finger pad off and clicked the nail in place on it's own and it's happier with that.
Make sure that the finger pad is properly placed on the trainer hand.....Has it always done this??? ..... If it keeps doing it's own ejection thing, then maybe have it checked out............
Yes, I think I'll have to call Essential Nails and see what they say as it's getting pretty useless the way it is.

Thanks for your help though!

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