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Feb 6, 2006
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Just wondering if anyone has tried or uses these and what they're like?
Hi Not bought any of these and can't see them on the website . I have bought the regular nailite polishes and they are great . go on a treat . Do remeber though that when buying from the states you will be subjected to paying import duty and vat when the prduct comes into the UK as well as shipping which can work out quite expensive

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Yeah the regular polishes, the ones with no label :) They are on the sensual world website (well they look the same anyway)! and am I right in thinking that The Sensual World are the uk distributors for Nailite? so they should be the same shouldn't they?? Good to know that they're nice to use:) what about the wearage? how long would you say?
Oh right sorry thought you meant the USA site . I have only used them over extensions and they wear very well indeed . Cannot say how they would be over natural nails .

We have lots of their polishes in stock although they are not on our site .PM me if you would like more info on cols etc


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I use them and have no problems. Love'em. Lovely assortment of colours, not too thick, not too thin. To date, I've been very satisfied.
The "Nailite" polishes that is, I 'assume' that Sensual World is distributing that very same line as the USA dist.
MIND YOU, they do have a brand that is specifically for the UK, and those ones, I'm not too fond of. On the thick side. But then, the samples I had was from when that line first came out, and they might have made adjustments since then.
Ask them for a sample, and see what you think for yourself. Best way to know and to each his own, so what one likes another may not.

this isnt about polishes from nailite or sens world. I have never used either but i do use nailite acry and gel etc. I found it a lot cheaper to buy direct from nailite in the us rather than buying from sens world even with vat delivery my order still worked out over £100 cheaper than if i brought from sens world. espesh with £ being so strong. sensual world charge a lot more for their products and you dont get as much ie acryl powder for an 1oz pot is the same price in £'s as it is in $ for me to buy the 8oz pots direct from the states hope this makes sense.
work out how much it will be to buy from sens world then log onto nailite site and see how much it would be to buy direct if you email them they can send you a quote and you can work it out.

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