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Mar 5, 2003
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Ok, there has been a hell of a lot of confusion on the issue of subscriptions to Nails and Professional Nails and this is by no means the defnitive answer (far from it in fact), but I'm not just going to sit back and read posts from frustated geeks without responding. So, I hope the below helps.

Firstly, for all those who think that this is the end of Nails, it isn't. And for all those who have said that Professional Nails is retiring to its old form as a supplement to Professional Beauty, it isn't.

Professional Nails and Nails are combining into a reworked magazine, the essence of which will be formed from the best of Nails and best of Professional Nails. The spirit of both will be kept alive if you like. Kelly Mansfield, editor of Nails, is freelancing for the magazine for as long as she is able , so there is a degree of continuity here. I am working under the direction of Alison Milner, launch editor of Nail Plus, and I really can't think of a nicer, more capable individual, to help bring the industry a mag that's whole-heartedly dedicated to those who live, sleep and breathe nails.

Trades Exhibitions is also publishing, Polished, a NEW nails supplement to Professional Beauty. You will only receive Polished if you are subscriber to Professional Beauty.

As far as I'm aware, the subscription situation is STILL being sorted out (SORRY!), but for subscribers to Professional Nails who have previously only been used to receiving 10 issues a year, your subscriptions will be extended proportionally in view of the new magazine extending to 12 issues.

I'm only sorry that this post doesn't go far enough for some in clarifying the situation, but I hope to be able to write more as soon as I know.

I hope this helps.

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Professional Nails
Thanks Kat - I too have posted in the chat section under GOODBYE to nails Mag!!
Very nice of you to 'pop' in to the site and keep us up to date. Great customer service. Thank you.
Thanks Kathryn for keeping us posted - it helps. Alison Milner - that name is a blast from the past - the first nail video I ever bought a few years ago was the Nailtech one with Alison introducing it.
Thanks for trying to put us in the picture. My subscription to PB ran out as this was announced so I haven`t renewed yet but I am currently subscribed to nails until September and as I haven`t received my May copy I`mnow lwft wondering whats happening with our subscriptions
Thanks for the update Kathryn, it's good to know someone out there is trying to put our poor minds to rest!

Debs - when I spoke to Escow they told me that May's Nails mag was a little late being sent out but I'd imagine it will be in the post next week.

Liberty Nail Design
my nails magazine arrived this morning :)
Glad I dropped by and found this post .... I was wondering what had happened to my Nails magazine ... Where was my May issue ???

Good to know someone has now received theirs - hope mine is on it's way.


Received my prof nails and nails today so they must be in the post ladies, hope you get them soon, there is some good reading in them this month.

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