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Oct 19, 2011
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Artistic Nail Design have announced the appointment of Alisha Rimando Botero as Executive Vice President and Creative Director. Botero will be based out of Artistic Nail Design's headquarters in California and will be responsible for driving the brand forward globally.

With an impressive CV, Botero is the nail artist of choice for Jennifer Hudson, Leah Remini and Mena Suvari. In 1995, Botero became a licensed nail specialist and since then her career has spanned education, competitions and product development. She has a long list of impressive editorial and celebrity nail credits to her name and has competed in more than 100 nail competitions winning a World Championship in 2005. Her work has featured in more than 150 publications across consumer and trade titles.

And it doesn't end there! She's written or co-written two Milady textbooks as well as creating and conducting training seminars and educational materials for nail students, professionals, educators, manufacturers and salons in more than fifteen countries.

"Artistic Nail Design is such an exciting brand to be involved with," says Botero. I'm looking forward to working with the team to further expand its reach and show people the many creative and exciting possibilities this fantastic range offers, as we as being involved in the development of new colours and products."

Alisha will be appearing at Olympia Beauty and Nailympics later in the year on behalf of Artistic Nail Design.

Until then...geek on!

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